It may also mean that someone else is controlling a situation you are involved in. To dream of a passenger represents an aspect of your self that is being carried along with circumstances. It may also reflect secondary factors or problems that are occurring in a situation. Other things that are happening while you are doing something.

  • To get you thinking metaphorically, we’ve looked at the 10 most common dreams and their probable meanings.
  • Which distracts the bear long enough to get away.
  • It walked around upright, and talked to me in English, but I was always aware that it was a polar bear.
  • The institute agreed to help finance the work, initially offering him $5,000 out of his requested budget of $7,200, but later granting him the additional $2,200.
  • A hurt bear in a dream suggests you need to focus on your own inner abilities but also associates how you are perceived by others.
  • Since 2015 I have reviewed 3,000 dreams about wild bears, bears chasing people and even cuddly teddy bears.

To see a sieve in your dream signifies your ability to weigh your options and make wise decisions. To dream that you are walking on a sidewalk represents your steady progress and direction in life. You may be experiencing new walks of life. If the sidewalk is cracked, then it signifies minor and temporary setbacks that are keeping you from getting to your destination.

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The ability to do something completely different if you want to. What you feel you are allowed to do as a person. To dream of being a passenger may reflect how you are being carried along by a decision or situation. Living with the effects or consequences of a choice.

You don’t want a character who stands in for every child, you want a main character that feels REAL. I edit hundreds of children’s books every year, and the best books have unique characters. Just add one twist that distinguishes it from other books. The trick is to have one twist for your story that makes it different. If it’s a story about bullying, perhaps your book tells the story from the point of view of the bully!

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I don’t know what my dream means but if it’s an awakening within myself why do I still feel the same as I always have? In the many years of nursing the care of the older person, I have used this technique many times. In the unit I worked we had both girlies lifelike dolls and boy’s who were in every way boy’s and girls.

Diana works as a Community Manager for Bored Panda. Excel spreadsheets weren’t her thing either, so she decided creative storytelling was the way to go. Other than that, outside of work, you can find her making barista-style coffee or hand-stretched pizzas, sometimes even drawing and playing video games with friends. I have many strange, scary, and unsettling dreams. The one that stands out the most was when I was 4 years old . This family of three was living in a mansion.